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Orico XMC-20 3.5mm AUX Cable 2m

Orico XMC-20 3.5mm AUX Cable 2m
Orico XMC-20 3.5mm AUX Cable 2m Orico XMC-20 3.5mm AUX Cable 2m
Merek: Orico
Kode Produk: Orico XMC-20
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 55.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 55.000,-
   - ATAU -   

Orico AUX cable, your wise choice
- Connected car stereo system with cellphone
- You will obtain much more musical choices than car MP3
- Connecting computer lets you enjoy beautiful music and takes you to love wonderland

Pure music makes a more wonderful travel
- Return hi-fi music with 3.5mm stereo audio transmission, plus antioxidative connector and noiseproof design
- Bring car stereo system into full play

High quality, incredibly durable
- 24k gilded connector ensures pure sound experience
- Premium aluminum shell makes it incredibly durable
- Capable of anti-interference assuring a smooth and lossless transmission

Cool black, mysterious color
- Senior varnished copper wire core provides better transmission and avoids noise
 Black, a mysterious and classical color, shows your fashionable taste

High tensile, manage cable without worry
- High tensile TPE elastic cable helps to manage the voluble cable you are upset
- This nontoxic and heat resisting AIE molecular material keeps your car fresh and clean
- More environment-friendly

Compatible with 3.5mm devices
- Ideal for connecting smartphones, tablets, MP3s, DVDs, TVs, CD players, speakers, car aux jacks, portable devices or other 3.5mm compatible devices

- Interface : 3.5mm Audio Port
- Connector : Gilded and Durable
- Conductor : Varnished Copper
- Material : Aluminum & TPE

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