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Schneider ACTTRJ45PDT Actassi Punch Down Tool

Schneider ACTTRJ45PDT Actassi Punch Down Tool
Kode Produk: Schneider ACTTRJ45PDT
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 125.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 125.000,-
   - ATAU -   

The product has been specifically designed for actassi modular jacks and patch panels

Terminating modules
- Hold the tool 100 degree against to the module and terminate
- Cutting edge shouls be on the outerside of the module
- Trim off excess cable sheath
- Press clear protective cap onto top of the rear IDC's until they snaps into position
- Rotate the cable to slot-in the clear cap
- The module is ready to be installed into your mounting hardware

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