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Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter

Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter
Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter Zhurui-Tec PR10-C EU16A Home Power Watt Meter
Kode Produk: Zhurui-Tec PR10-C
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 850.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 850.000,-
   - ATAU -   

PR10 Power Recorder is displayed by 2.4 inch TFT color LCD
It can measuring a variety of electrical equipment’s power, power factor, voltage, current, frequency, accumulated electricity consumption, accumulated electricity bill, accumulated electricity time, one shot electricity consumption, one shot electricity bill and one shot electricity time
Daily use of electricity and electricity bill will be recorded, you can see the form of a chart or list of historical records
PR10 is suitable for the measuring and monitor power consumption of the household, factory, office and other cases, and can be used to power on or power off a various electric equipment according your setting

- The full digital operation and control
- 2.4 - inch true color TFT LCD display
- 0.5FS - level measuring accuracy
- Chinese and English UI can freely to be chosen
- 16 currency units can be set freely
- Four operation keys
- Date and time can be set, 5 date formats are supported
- After power on, the outlet can be set to automatic power on, no electricity, or maintain the working state of the last working
- Power statistics have two types: cumulative electricity and one shot electricity, one shot electricity can be cleared, it is convenient for the measurement of electric charges in specific situations.
- There are three main display pages: the overview page, the one shot electrical page and real-time electrical parameters page, the default page is overview page, users can press “ ”key to switch different display page
- Automatic record historical data, which can be review in the form of a list or chart, and can be stored for up to 30 years
- Charge rates can be set up to 4 decimal places, the number of decimal places can be adjusted freely, support 8 time sections of sub billing function, can be easily used for peak load billing occasions
- There are 9 timers, two are advanced timers, which can be set to power on or power off the power supply in the specific time on “no repeated”, “everyday”, “working day” or “weekend”
- And other 7 timers are general timers can be set to open or close the power supply on the certain period of time in one day
- It has alarm function and can be set to alarm when the voltage, current, power or temperature exceeds alarm settings
- It has output protection function and can be set to cut off the power supply when the voltage, current, power or temperature exceeds output protection value. The “Launch overload” mode can be set when the current is 2A or above
- No current and power are detected whether exceeds the setting or not within 15 seconds when the “Launch overload” is checked
- It also has automatic recovery function. When “Auto Recovery” is checked, if the machine is in output protection mode, 1 minutes later the power supply will be turned on automatically
- If the power, voltage, current or temperature exceed the output protection value, it will restart the output protection again, and the power supply will not powered on
- Energy-saving setting: it can be set to turn off the screen automatically without operation in 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes, it also can be set not to turn off the screen. The measurement function continues after the screen is closed, press any key to turn on the screen
- The total power consumption and historical records can be cleared or do the factory restore in the system setting page
- Power resolution switch automatically according to the measurement results, when less than 100W it display two decimal places, when greater than 100W it display one decimal, when greater than 1000W there’s no decimal display
- Over range hint
- Small size, beautiful appearance, easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment for measurement

Function List
- Power Measuring
- Voltage Measuring
- Current Measuring
- Power Factor Measuring
- Frequency Measuring
- Accumulated Electricity Consumption
- Accumulated Electricity Bill
- Accumulated Electricity Time
- One Shot Electricity Consumption
- One Shot Electricity Bill
- One Shot Electricity Time
- Time and Date Display
- Five Date Format
- History Record
- Record View by Annual Charts
- Record View by Annual Lists
- Record View by Monthly Charts
- Record View by Monthly Lists
- Charge Rate Setting
- Segment Charging Function
- Chinese/English Languages
- 16 Currency Units
- 2 Advanced Timers
- 7 General Timers
- Time and Date Setting
- Alarm
- Output Protect
- Switch State Can Be Setting
- Screen Power Saving
- History Record Clearing
- Accumulated Electricity Clearing
- Factory Reset
- Help

Technical Index Electrical Parameter Measurement
- Voltage Measure Range : AC85~265v[1]
- Voltage Resolution : 0.1v
- Voltage Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.1v)
- PR10-C EU 16A Power Measure Range : 0.1~4000w[2]    
- PR10-C EU 16A Power Resolution : 0.01w[3]
- PR10-C EU 16A Power Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.01w) [3]
- PR10-C EU 16A Current Measure Range : 0.005~16A[1]    
- PR10-C EU 16A Current Resolution : 0.001A
- PR10-C EU 16A Current Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.001A)    
- Power Factor Measure Range : 0~1.000
- Power Factor Resolution : 0.001
- Power Factor Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.001)
- Frequency Measure Range : 45~65Hz
- Frequency Resolution : 0.1Hz
- Frequency Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.1Hz)    
- Electricity Bill Measure Range : 0~999999
- Electricity Bill Resolution : 0.01 [4]
- Electricity Bill Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.01) [4]
- Electricity consumption Measure Range : 0~999999kwh
- Electricity consumption Resolution : 0.00001kwh[5]
- Electricity consumption  Measuring Accuracy : ±(0.5FS+0.00001kwh) [5]

- [1].Voltage and current measurements are true rms value;
- [2].Power measurement is active power;
- [3].If power <100w, the resolution is 0.01w, the measuring accuracy is±(0.5FS+0.01w),power>100w, the resolution is 0.1w, the measuring accuracy is±(0.5FS+0.1w),the power> 1000w, the resolution is 1w, the measuring accuracy ±(0.5FS+1w);
- [4].If Electricity bill<10000,the resolution is 0.01, the measuring accuracy is±(0.5FS+0.01), Electricity bill >=10000, the resolution is 0.1, the measuring accuracy is±(0.5FS+0.1), Electricity bill >100000, the resolution is 1, the measuring accuracy is±(0.5FS+1);
- [5].The resolution of Electricity consumption is adjusted with the measurement results, the highest one is 0.00001kwh

Timing index
- Timing range : 999 days 23 hours 59 minutes
- Timing resolution : 1 minutes

Currency Unit Maintained
- RMB(Simple) : 元
- RMB(Tradition) : 圆
- USD : $
- EUR : €
- GBP : £
- JPY : ¥
- Rouble : руб
- Rupee : Rs.
- Won : 원
- Lire : ₤
- Thai Baht : ฿
- Peso : ₱  
- IDR : Rp
- RM : RM
- Rand : R
- Common Currency : ¤

Other indicators
- Operating voltage : AC85~265V
- Operating frequency : 45~65Hz
- Temperature : 0~40
- Humidity : ≤90%RH
- Size (length x width x height) : 125mmx79mmx56.5mm(the height does not contain the plug’s)


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