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Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket]

Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket]
Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket] Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket] Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket] Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket] Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket]
Kode Produk: Cryorig H5 Universal [Universal Socket]
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Harga: Rp. 720.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 720.000,-
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Breaking Design Molds Efficiency by Innovation
- CRYORIG H Series coolers feature our proprietary Hive Fin™ structure
- This design allows for a combination of Jet Fin Acceleration™ and Turbulence Reduction
- As well as strengthening structural strength of the fin stacks
- Combined together, the Hive Fin™ design brings cool innovation

Air Exhaust Acceleration Hot Air Cooled Fast
- By utilizing a larger air intake and narrower air exhaust section on the fins
- Compresses the air to move faster while exiting the heatsink.
- Jet Fin Acceleration System™ carries the hot air out of the system faster and more efficiently

Extreme Efficiency Turbulence Reduction System
- Utilizing a bee hive shaped structure at the front air intake of the heatsink
- Lowers air turbulence and straightens out the airflow
- Assisting airflow to move directly through the full length of the heatsink and carrying out hot air

XL Surface Area Maximum Heat Dissipation
- The H series coolers by CRYORIG feature an extended fin surface area to the back
- This allows the heatsink to achieve phenomenal cooling performance comparable to Dual Tower coolers and heatsinks
- The H5 in particular has a cooling surface area within 90% of our top-line R1 series coolers

Optimized Heatpipe Positioning Total CPU Coverage
- The H5’s Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System allows for more heatpipes in a given area
- Optimized heatpipe placement in the copper base, and improved alignment with your CPU
- With the Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System, each heatpipe functions to their maximum TDP capacity

Acoustically Optimized Silence Means Cold
- Acoustics are just as important as performance
- That’s why the XT140 140mm fan integrates acoustic optimizations
- The XT140 features our High Precision Low Noise (HPLN™) bearing
- The detachable Acoustic Vibration Absorbers that give the fan a snugger fit while canceling vibration and noise at the same time

Patent Pending "MultiSeg™" Quick Mount System
- Patent Pending Multiseg™ Quick Mount System providing an all in one solution on Intel™ platforms
- CRYORIG’s MultiSeg™ Quick Mount System allows for a securer and firmer installation within minutes

Unmatched Compatibility Zero RAM Interference
- Focusing on providing the widest range of compatibility
- The H5 utilizes an asymmetric slanted heatpipe layout to move the heatsink away from the RAM zone
- Also, fitted with a 13mm thin XT140
- The CRYORIG H5 offers optimal compatibility for RAM with tall heat spreaders on both Intel™ and AMD platforms

Fully Compatible Fast & Easy to Install
- The H5 is highly efficient and easy to install. With maximum compatibility for virtually all setups
- It’s the heatsink that’s compatible, competitive and cool

Motherboard Compability
- Intel LGA 2011/v3, 1366, 1150, 1151, 1555, 1156, 775
- AMD FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+

Heatsink Specification
- Dimension (with fan) : L98 mm x W143 mm x H160 mm
- Weight ( with fan ) :    853 g
- Weight (without fan) : 764 g
- Heat pipes : 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
- Fin : T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 2.8 mm
- Fin Pcs : 38 pcs
- Copper Base :    C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
- RAM Height Limit : Limitless
- TDP : 160 W

XT140 Specification
- Dimension : L140 mm x W140 mm x H13 mm
- Weight : 89 g
- Rated Speed : 700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %
- Noise Level : 20 ~ 24 dBA
- Air Flow : 65 CFM
- Air Pressure : 1.49 mmH2O
- Ampere : 0.27 A

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