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Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver
Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver Orico BCR02 Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver
Merek: Orico
Kode Produk: Orico BCR02
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 210.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 210.000,-
   - ATAU -   

Wireless Listening High Fidelity Timbre
- Orico bluetooth audio receiver
- Turn the old into a bluetooth one
- Equip old car with bluetooth control function
- Bluetooth 4.1 compatible losslees, no delay

Enjoy Music At Home
- Turn the old speaker into a bluetooth speaker
- With the 3.5mm audio cable connectec to the aux port of speaker
- USB port to the power supply
- Then you can enjoy music freely by pairing bluetooth directly to your phone or computer

Bluetooth 4.1, Steadily With No Disconnection
- Compatible with the version around 4.1
- More steadily, allows you to enjoy music freely

Enjoy Music In Your Car
- Equip the car with bluetooth control function
- No need to dismantle and change the central control
- Just plug in the receiver, then you can make hands-free calls
- Enjoy music through the phone bluetooth and use clear broadcast navigation

Wireless Calls Ensure Driving Safety
- With hands-free calls function
- No need to look down at cell phone, protect you and your family
- Answer calls, short press once
- End calls, short press once
- Reject calls, long press for 3 seconds

Direct Charge
- It can be powered by connecting the uSB port to 5v power adapter

High Fidelity Timbre
- Listen to the original sound
- Near lossless music and auditory texture, both in your ears

Control fidelity Within 10 Meters
- Adapts EDR signal enhancement
- Achieves seamless connection within 10 meters

Connect For The First Time, One Click Pairing
- Connect the devoce to the speaker and turn it on
- The led flashes, the device is ready to pair
- Pair with your phone, the led flashes every 3 seconds
- Enjoy music on your phone
- If you need to change the paired device
- Long press for 3 seconds to disconnect

It Will Connect Automatically AFter First Connection
- Automatically connection, easy to use

Strong DOuble Sided Adhesive, Not Easy To Fall
- Provide 3M high quality double sided adhesive tape
- You can firmly anchored it in a convenient position

- Material : ABS
- Power Supply : USB-A, 5V
- Audio Output : 3.5MM Audio Output,Connect to Car
- Connection : Bluetooth Wireless Connection
- Bluetooth Solution : Bluetooth 4.1
- Indicator : Bluetooth LED
- Transmission Range : 10m
- On/Off : After the Car Starts, USB Automatically Turns On
- Button : One Click to Answer the Call, Double Click to Enter the Next One
- Call Function : Phonetic Function
- Disconnect Bluetooth : Long Press for 3S to Disconnect

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