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Deep Cool RGB 360

Deep Cool RGB 360
Deep Cool RGB 360 Deep Cool RGB 360
Merek: Deep Cool
Kode Produk: Deep Cool RGB 360
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 389.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 389.000,-
   - ATAU -   

16.8 Million High Quality Color
Use RGB Three Primary Color Led with high brightness
The light is pore, soft, uniform, and no glare

Fixed By Magnet
Suitable for iron surface only

Stable And Long Lifespan
Estimated 100.000 hours working life 12V power supply for safe operation

Cuttable Design
Customize space occupation in you rig

Soft And Bendable Design
Use flexible FPc substrate for easy installation, as well as waterproof and insulation

RGB Remote Controller
360° omni directional radio frequency remote control

Control Easily
Touch control with high sensitivity

Adjustable LED Brightness Design In The Single Color Mde
The brightness is adjustable by B+&B- button ONLY when LED light stay at the single color mode by M+&M- button ONLY,
The brightness function under B+&B- does not work at breathing &flash mode.

Environment Friendly Power Saving Mode Dunction
To save the power, the remote will go to power saving mode after 20 seconds without any operation
It can be woke up by SHAKING the remote lightly.

Technical Spec
- LED Strip (with 200mm cable) : 500mm
- Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness : 300*10*3mm      
- Number of LED lights : 18

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