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Philips SHE3705 Blue

Philips SHE3705 Blue
Philips SHE3705 Blue Philips SHE3705 Blue Philips SHE3705 Blue
Merek: Philips
Kode Produk: Philips SHE3705 Blue
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp. 175.000,-
Tanpa Pajak: Rp. 175.000,-
   - ATAU -   

Ultra small, big bass Philips MyJam Vibes in-ear headphones
Feature oval tube inserts for comfort and vacum metalized coating for sleek looks with extra protection

3 interchangeable rubber ear caps offer an optimal fit
- Ear caps come in a choice of 3 sizes - small, medium and large - for a personalized and perfect fit

Built-in mic switches from music to phone calls
- Built-in microphones let you easily switch from music listening to taking phone calls
-S o you will always stay connected.

Shiny, colorful coating looks sleek and also protects
- A high quality, glossy and colorful coating creates a sleek look while adding an extra protective surface.

Big bass and clear sound through efficient drivers
- Philips Vibes in-ear headphones house efficient drivers inside a compact design
- They fit perfectly while pumping out clear sound and booming bass.

Oval sound tube insert provides an ergonomic comfort fit
- An oval sound tube insert provides ergonomic comfort to fit the true shape of the ear.

A perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
- Ultra small earphones fit perfectly inside the ear
- Creating a seal that blocks out external noise.

Reinforced cable relief enhances durability and connectivity
- To extend the life of your headphones, a soft rubber relief between them and the cable
- Protects the connection from damage through repeated bending

- Diaphragm : pet
- Frequency response : 11 - 22,000Hz
- Magnet type : neodymium
- Voice coil : copper
- Sensitivity : 105dB
- Speaker diameter : 8.6mm
- Maximum power input : 20mW
- Impedance : 16ohm
- Acoustic system : closed
- Type : dynamic
- Cable Connection : two-parallel, symmetric
- Cable length : 1.2m
- Connector : 3.5mm
- Finishing of connector : chrome plated
- TYpe of cable : copper

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